Welcome Joyette for Judge Supporters!

It is with great enthusiasm that I announce my candidacy for Cobb County State Court Judge.  This decision was made after careful consideration and confirmation through prayer.  My husband, Bridges, my girls, Morgan and Reagan, and I are excited about what the future holds. 

The decision to run for Cobb County State Court Judge is simple - I am committed to Cobb.  As a proud resident of Cobb County, I have spent the last 7 years living, working and serving in our community.  As the owner and sole practitioner in The Law Office of Joyette M. Holmes, it has been the foundation of my practice to represent my clients with Uncompromising Excellence.  That foundation, however, did not begin in my defense practice, but has transcended from my time as a Cobb County State Court Solicitor.  It was there that I made it my responsibility to represent the government and citizens of Cobb County with the same Uncompromising Excellence in the very Court that I now hope to sit as a Judge.

For a justice system to be fair, it must be headed by a judge who listens, follows the law and shows compassion when and where it is warranted.  Otherwise, people lose faith in our system.  I want to ensure that our court system continues to offer our citizens a justice system that is the envy of Georgia.  To succeed, the judge must embody high ethical standards, the highest level of professionalism and an inherent duty to serve the citizens of Cobb and beyond.

As I reach out to you – my family, friends and neighbors – your donations, support and prayers are necessary for me to successfully run this race.  Please join me and team “Joyette for Judge” as I embark on this journey to be elected Cobb County State Court Judge.

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